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The support of you and this community has been so incredibly helpful, at times, a guide through a thick fog and at other times, just the comfort of knowing I’m not alone while facing the emotions that come with clearing various forms of clutter.” – Sue

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with Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author and Intuitive Coach
Kerri Richardson

Do you feel like no matter how hard you try, you can’t get a handle on your clutter?

Are you overwhelmed and don’t know where to start?

What if I told you your struggle has nothing to do with being lazy or messy and instead was a sign to look at something deeper?

Join me and a group of like-minded women who are clearing out whatever they’re done with — thoughts, things, or relationships — using curiosity, love, and compassion instead of shame and self-deprecation.

When I sold my 2,000-square-foot house and most of its contents to move into a 240-square-foot tiny house, I was shocked at how difficult it was to let go of things I knew I no longer wanted.

I hadn’t read half of the books on my bookshelf, but something was stopping me from letting them go.

While I appreciated the birthday gift from my friend years ago, I never wore it but felt guilty donating it.

I tried all sorts of tricks:

– I gave myself a deadline.
– I promised myself a reward.
– I tried to make it a game.

But nothing worked.

Why was it so hard to follow through?

I decided to open my journal and ask myself that exact question.

As I wrote down whatever came to mind, I began to see a theme emerging.

It wasn’t the items that I struggled to let go of.

It was the meaning I assigned to them.

Keeping those books helped me to hold onto promise. I’d tell myself, “Once I read those books, then I will _________.”

For you, that “blank” might be “lose weight,” “know how to market my business,” or “find love.”

By getting rid of the books, I felt like I was getting rid of the chance to improve those areas of my life.

If I donated the sweater my friend gave me, I might appear ungrateful, I might hurt her feelings, or she might not like me anymore.

And there's the real clutter:
the stories I told myself about the items.

Once I focused on unpacking and dismantling those beliefs, I let go of things left and right!

Whenever a decision stopped me in my tracks, I’d pay attention to what I was telling myself about the item and that led me straight to the source of my struggle.

Imagine being able to clear mental blocks, emotional clutter, and physical items with this kind of ease. It’s life changing!

In my secret society of trailblazers, I’ll show you how you can do it, too!

When you join Clutter Clear Your Life, you'll get:

Monthly Member Q&A

These monthly Zoom gatherings are your judgment-free place to get coaching from me and support from your fellow clutter busters. Can't make it live? Send your question to me in advance and catch the replay!

Weekly Planning Sessions

Every Monday, we’ll come together LIVE to plan your week. I’ll help you make sure your plan is realistic and doable, and that the actions support the vision you have for your life.

Power POM Sessions

During our weekly planning sessions, we’ll co-work for one 25-minute Power POM session. Choose what you'll work on and off you go! I’ll be on Zoom should you get stuck, have a question, or want to celebrate!

Facebook Group

In our private, online group you’ll have support and encouragement from people walking a similar path. Not on Facebook? We have a community forum right on the membership site as well!

Strategy Session Discount

Feel like you could use some one-on-one support? Grab one of my High-Impact Strategy Sessions at 20% off!

Free Tickets to Webinars

As a member of CCYL, you’ll be automatically enrolled, at no extra cost, in any independent, single webinar I offer.

Here's what is waiting for you RIGHT NOW!

  • On-demand courses including my popular 6-week Radical Decluttering video course
  • A recording of the 7-week Virtual Book Club for my latest book, From Clutter to Clarity
  • My year-long Clutter Clearing Extravaganza recordings focusing on a different clutter hotspot for each month of the year

Lots of awesome, recorded webinars on topics such as:

    • Weight Clutter,
    • Keeping Your Calendar Clutter in Check,
    • Overcoming Procrastination, and
    • How to Successfully Sell Your Stuff Online,

A robust library of audio programs, workbooks, and meditations including:

    • Your Life Audit
    • The Benefits of Boundaries
    • Your Go-To Energy-Grounding Exercise,
    • 15-Minute Clutter-Clearing Mediation

You get ALL of this for just $35/month or $350 for the year!

What is it worth to you to no longer feel alone, ashamed, or frustrated?

To not feel bogged down by procrastination, perfectionism, or fear?

To finally be free of the stacks, piles, and pounds?

For less than a dollar a day, what do you have to lose — other than lots of physical and emotional clutter!

If you want to come together with a cool tribe and get shit done, this is the place for you.




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Word on the Street

"You were so right about how cleaning my desk changed the energy. I am ON FIRE rolling out my own 12-Week Healing Journey and hired a team to help me! I feel unstoppable!"
Laura Hoover West
"With your support and my fellow trailblazers, I finally feel like I can deal with my clutter because I now have tools to help me cope and the support of others who understand what I'm dealing with."
Patricia Dew
"The video chats are so interesting and helpful. I learned some things about myself and why my clutter was getting the best of me, and I don't feel alone with it anymore."
Julie Swenson

Frequently Asked Questions

Clutter Clear Your Life is your online hub of support and learning. Whether you’re looking for suggestions with handling paperwork clutter or guidance with setting a difficult boundary, you’ll find it here. In addition, with your subscription, you’ll connect with a tribe of trailblazers who are as hungry and eager as you are to make space in their lives to live BIG.

No, but that’s a good thing. We will always have clutter in our lives in one form or another, whether thoughts, things, or people. And that’s ok. In this community, we come together to help you figure out the core cause of the struggle to clear it. By doing so, you’ll experience healing on a deep, soul level that never comes from basic physical clutter clearing.

You’ll uncover limiting beliefs, boundary needs, unrealistic expectations and more that your fear uses to stay stuck and safe. Together, we’ll teach her how to step out with confidence. so your soul can finally shine brightly!

Yes! Kerri runs a LIVE monthly member Q&A as well as a weekly planning session to not only help you reclaim your time and set yourself up for productive weeks, but also answer any and all questions that you have. In addition, you’ll have access to a private Facebook group and online forums for additional support.

Whether you’d like strategies, tips, or resources to help you make decisions or insight into clearing the blocks that stop you from growing your business, deepening your relationships, or creating a beautiful home that rises up to meet you, you’ll have many opportunities to get some coaching from Kerri as well as support from your fellow Trailblazers.

The monthly Member Q&As usually run between 60 and 75 minutes depending on the number of questions presubmitted and the amount of Laser Coaching Kerri does. All are recorded if you cannot make them live.

Every Monday at 11 AM ET/8 AM PT, the group gathers on Zoom to brainstorm what needs your attention this week, evaluate if what made the list is in line with the vision you have for your life, and draft a schedule for each day of the week setting you up for a realistically, goal-aligned productive week! These sessions last for one hour.

All planning sessions are recorded and available for replay in the membership community.

Yes. All webinars, office hours, and any other live broadcasts are recorded and archived for you, as a member, to watch or listen to whenever you’d like, as often as you’d like.

They are posted online within 24-36 hours of the live event.

Yes! As soon as you join us, you have immediate access. to the Member Resource Library that includes courses, webinars, meditations, and more. 

No content is dripped out. You can access it all right away!

Absolutely! While you’ll have many awesome resources at your fingertips, Kerri will help you identify which ones are a fit for where you’re at on your journey. This way, the resources themselves won’t become more clutter! 

And the regular interaction with Kerri will help you stay focused on small, achievable steps.

Well, it seems we need to look at your Calendar Clutter! 

The beauty of the Resource Library found in Clutter Clear Your Life is you can access it whenever you’re ready and whatever aspect you’re working on, you can get support and accountability on it during the live sessions and in the online communities. 

And for reals, we’ll take a look at how you’re spending your time to be sure it’s aligned with the vision you have for your life.

As long as you are a member in good standing, your rate is locked! The only way it would change is if you were to cancel your subscription and return. Your new enrollment would be at the current rate.

You sure can! You can upgrade to annual membership any time with just a couple of clicks from your account page. Our system will take into account the time left on your current subscription, so you won’t be charged twice.

You can easily cancel your subscription at any time. If you are a monthly subscriber, your membership will conclude at the end of the month in which you cancel and at which time your access to the Membership content and private Facebook community will be suspended. If you chose the annual membership, you may cancel within 7 days of purchase. After that, your subscription remains for the year. (With the annual subscription, you get 12 months for the price of 10!)

Yes, the Facebook group is a private group. While the group itself can be found via an online search, posts made within it can only be seen by members.

No. All of the educational and supportive content is archived on our independent membership community at and all live events take place on Zoom.

In addition, for group interaction, there is a forum on the site as well. While the Facebook group is more active than the forum, having both is a great option for all members.

Your Host

Hey there! I’m Kerri and I’m a lifestyle designer, trained coach, and author of The Wall Street Journal bestselling book What Your Clutter Is Trying to Tell You and From Clutter to Clarity. I’ve worked with thousands of people all around the world, helping them identify and eliminate their clutter, revamping their mindsets, and challenging them to play bigger and live the life they are destined for.

I live in beautiful New England with my wife and two kitties. When not planning our next adventure, you’ll find us at the hiking through the woods or doing donation runs. 

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