Clutter Clear Your Life March Open House

Welcome to the replay of my March Q&A Open House! This is something we do each and every month in my membership community Clutter Clear Your Life. It’s an opportunity for members to get some live coaching, ask any and all questions about, well, anything, and support each other in real-time.


It’s always a powerful conversation, sometimes with laughs, sometimes with tears, sometimes with both!


If you’d like to come together with a group of like-minded trailblazers for support in making space to live your very best life, I hope you’ll consider joining me.


With webinars, community forums, a private Facebook group, periodic challenges, lots of coaching, and more, Clutter Clear Your Life is your one-stop-shop for creating your fabulous life!


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For less than $1/day, wouldn’t you say your life is worth it?


Audio only:

Chat transcript: Click here

In this live call, we answered questions including the following:

00:26:44How do I deal with recurring clutter?
00:28:16How do I deal with fear and anxiety during these uncertain times?
00:38:50Tips for sorting paperwork?
00:42:38How to declutter my living room?
00:46:34Can you comment on our energy while we're home isolating?
00:52:55How do I get my husband on board with clearing his stuff?
00:54:00Suggestions on staying calm for myself and my unborn baby during this fearful time?
00:57:05How to deal with triggers for my paperwork clutter?
00:58:42Does my clutter bring me comfort?
00:59:48Addressing conflicting priorities?
01:01:01Not completing to-do lists?
01:02:01Feeling like a complete failure?
01:03:29Examples of messages from clutter?
01:05:40Why can't I get rid of items?
01:11:00Feeling that I might disappear if my clutter is gone?

Uncover Your Clutter’s Hidden Messages: Link

Energy Grounding Exercise: